Prevention as the "natural enemy of injury" should play an important role in our health thinking. Of course, the fun of movement should not be neglected. An individually developed training program serves to prevent injuries, maintain physical fitness in everyday life and can be completed in an individual setting or in small groups (2-3 people). "Joint stabilizing" exercises tailored to the respective requirements greatly improve strength and coordination, which ultimately avoids the risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system.
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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports therapy is specifically for the physically active, while completely independent of competence. It is a particularly energetic form of therapy, focused on the demands of the relevant sport/activity. The structure-specific weight-bearing characteristics of the injured area of the body are keenly observed and play a critical role, from the acute trauma through to reentry to sport.


The most important element of successful rehabilitation after operations, major injuries and other ailments is joint goal-setting between patient and therapist. The plan you will develop together may include manual techniques, electro and ultrasound therapies, cold and warmth treatments, lymph drainage, massage, and medical training therapy - all well-regarded practices that, applied properly, will help you rediscover your strength and fitness.

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