Using the positive aspects of Massage for prevention

Regular massage increases body-awareness and it is precisely during times when we are NOT suffering from problems that massage teaches the body how well it can feel.
“Be friendly to your body, so your soul will want to live in it“

Teresa of Avila

What are the applications for massage therapy?

Classical massage:

  • Muscle tension
  • Pain in the muscular regions and in the case of soft tissue rheumatism
  • Connective tissue adhesions and inelastic scar tissue (eg after surgery)

Reflexology therapy:

  • Disruption in the function of the internal organs (eg bowel function)
  • Circulation problems (eg vascular disease)

Lymph drainage:

  • Lymphedema and joint effusion after accidents or surgery
  • Rheumatic joint disease

How does massage therapy work?

Massage has several positive effects and impacts on people, which can be used therapeutically.

  • Mechanical effects
  • Neurophysiological effects
  • Psychological effects



The entire body is oiled with a steady rhythm. Expansive stroking and circling movements release purifying impulses, activate the energy and lymph flow and tone the skin. A deep-seated feeling of wellbeing from head to foot emerges with the aid of warm oils.
Duration: 60 minutes, € 85 (whole body massage)


More attention for your feet – there is a reason people say that “the foot is the reflection of the person”. The Ayurveda leg massage has a calming and harmonising effect on headaches, insomnia and nervousness.
Duration: 40 minutes, € 69 (foot massage)

Classic Massage

Tensions are released, the circulation and metabolism are stimulated. The focus of a massage can vary – whether powerful, intense and activating or gentle and relaxing. Enjoy an individual massage tailored to your needs.
Duration: 50 minutes, € 66 (whole body massage)

Relaxing Aromatic oil Massage

A soothing aromatherapy massage with essential oils being massaged gently into the skin. For all who want to give themselves a relaxing break from everyday toil.
Duration: 50 minutes, € 69 (whole body massage)

Manual Lymphatic drainage

This treatment of the lymphatic system works on deposits and swellings and thus helps your body to eliminate waste products and toxins. It has a relaxing, stress-reducing effect and diminishes swellings.
Duration: 40 minutes, € 52

Lymphatic drainage for the face

When there is puffiness, such as bags under the eyes and diverse skin irritations, manual lymphatic drainage is particularly recommended. Used regularly, it can effectively reduce puffiness and substantially improve the skin quality.
Duration: 40 minutes, € 52

Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage works with pressure points. Each reflexology point on the sole of the foot is associated with a certain part of the body. The whole body with organs, muscle groups, the surface of the skin and the subcutaneous regions is reflected in the reflexology zones on the sole of the foot. By targeted treatment of the sole with pressure, tensions and blockages can be released. The circulation and lymph system are stimulated too, and the immune system is reinforced.
Duration: 40 minutes, € 52

Back massage

Duration: 25 minutes, € 37

Massage mix (Back and Foot reflexology)

Duration: 50 minutes, € 64

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