Sport medicine consultation

This is based on the results of the ergometry.
The individual performance is compared with a standard value, derived from tables for sex, height, weight and age. The fitness level is thus given as a percentage, eg 130% or only 85% of the standard value.

Neural therapy

Neural therapy derives from conventional medicine and is intended to be a holistic regulation therapy. The aim of neural therapy treatment is to restore balance to dysfunctional regulatory systems at different physiological levels.

Fascial Distortion model according to Typaldos

This revolutionary method for treating pain in the locomotory system was developed by Stephen Typaldos D.O., and is an independent diagnostic and therapeutic concept, which combines osteopathy and orthopaedics.

Shockwave therapy

Shockwaves are audible acoustic waves with high energy peaks. Shockwave therapy is used very successfully as pain therapy. This method is not only anti-inflammatory but can also dissolve calcium deposits in joints and tendons.

General medical examinations and consultation

The routine medical check-up offers everyone over 18 years of age and resident in Austria a comprehensive check-up program once a year.


The stimulation of acupuncture points is the oldest, and most commonly used healing method in the world.

Manual medicine

Manual medicine is a school of medicine used for curative treatment when there are disturbances of the functions of the musculo-skeletal system leading to problems.

Ultrasound diagnostics for the musculo-skeletal apparatus

The high-resolution ultrasound of the musculo-skeletal apparatus that directly supplements clinical examination provides additional diagnostic information and facilitates therapeutic measures.

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